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Guys, meet Abbie.




ETA: Also, apparently this didn't post back in the beginning of December like it was supposed to? Thanks, LJ. But still! New car! I luff her! I had a dream the other night that I had to give her back and I was SO SAD!
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Okay, this just happened and I'm not sure how to feel about it, so I come to the LJ hive mind for clarity.

A self-professed "very heterosexual" woman is extremely uncertain about the thought of having sex with a bi man: is the appropriate reaction here "sigh, latent homophobia (biphobia?), that's unfortunate" or "ah, a rare example of a true zero on the Kinsey scale"?

For further clarification, this came up in the course of a conversation about how we were both so happy that the AMA has recommended the FDA no longer bans gay men from giving blood donations, and from a woman who is enthusiastically supportive of gay marriage. Also, further questioning clarified that it's not an issue of "people attracted to both genders won't be satisfied being monogamous with just one person" bullshit. It's specifically a discomfort with the thought of having sex with a man who has had sex with men before. My gut reaction was "wow, look at your latent homophobia showing itself", but then I wondered if maybe I wasn't being too quick to be judgy. I'm bi and can't see a reason why who a partner has previously slept with should be an issue, so it's hard for me to grok.
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My car passed its smog test today. I think I've just witnessed a miracle.
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Backstory: We are both sick.

Samy: (muttering to self) God.
Mom: What?
Samy: I feel like crap.
Mom: (incredibly dismissively) I know. Me too.
Samy: ...
Mom: And my day isn't even over yet.

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Oops! I kind of completely forgot to do this last week. D:

I've been struggling a little bit with keeping up my steps, now that I'm home all day instead of at work. I've been able to get about 5k steps every day, which is definitely an improvement over my pre-pedometer level of activity, and some days I 've gotten 7500-8000, but that 10k mark is still a little elusive.

Still, I'm up to 94 miles! :D We are following a path east through the wetlands, and only about a mile away from meeting Tom Bombadil!
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She's trying to mine me for information about getting a fantasy novel published, for a friend's daughter.

Mom: Okay, but what about your e-publishers? Can you give me a list of them?
Samy: Those aren't going to help her. Most e-publishers want romance.
Mom: Well, hers might have romance in it, I didn't ask.
Samy: Okay, when I say "romance", I'm trying to imply "smut".
Mom: Like sex-sex-sex, or like sex scenes in a romance novel?
Me: There are varying heat levels, but yeah, they usually want sex.
Mom: *said like she thinks I'm an idiot* Well, most fantasy novels have sex.
Me: No, most straight-up fantasy novels do not.
Mom: Name one fantasy book that doesn't have--
Me: Lord of the Rings. Chronicles of Narnia. Harry--
Mom: *does a doubletake* Oh snap.
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I walked about 19 miles this week. --Actually, I walked more than that. I forgot my pedometer at home one day this week. After a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth and trying to figure out ways to game the system, I decided that if/when that happens, I'm just going to have to deal with the loss of those steps. I could have manually added the ~4 miles to FitBit's total distance, to compensate for it, but then I'd have to do that forever. And that kind of defeats the purpose of having the pedometer manage all that for me. Suddenly, I'm back to having to keep track of things myself again!

So, I'm not counting those steps. This week's distance brings me to a total of 46.23 miles. I've reached Woody End, a green floor in the wood roofed by boughs of trees, with a view that overlooks the river valley and the lights of Woodhall. In the three weeks I've had my pedometer, I've made it the place where the hobbits made camp at the end of their second night. XD

Also, apparently we are traveling with the elves now! Whoot!

I am really looking forward to crossing the 50-mile threshhold.
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Pursuant to #3 in my goals post, I'm going to take the Eowyn Challenge. Basically: I'm walking to Rivendell! (And then beyond!)


I've actually tried to do this a few times over the past few years. Inevitably, I lasted a few weeks before the need to actually track and log and add up my distance became too much work and I stopped bothering.


But now I've got a pedometer! And its a fancy one that syncs online and keeps track of everything for me. Ask I have to do is remember to wear it.


I started on Christmas day, and so far, I've walked 27.5 miles. I've left Hobbiton behind, and the road I'd rolling up and down through the hills. Not a very exciting milestone, but farther than I've made it before!

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Holy shit, has it really been a month since I posted? Ack! Sorry, all. >_< I started an accelerated phlebotomy course at the beginning of July, and it kind of ate my brain. Today was the second-to-last day and we had our practical exam, and y'all, I rocked it. I had one minor thing that I missed, but you know you did good when you finish and your teacher says, "Go decontaminate your hands so I can hug you!"

Awesome bear hugs from your teacher are awesome.

And then he started telling me all these insanely flattering things about how it's been such a joy to watch me grow and develop, how I started out good (I was the first person in the class to draw on a Real Living Human Being) and I've just been getting better and better the whole time and basically, I'm a rockstar. I was so nervous going into the practical that I'd screw something up, and then when Steve told me I'd rocked it was so relieved and so ridiculously giddy that I pretty much squeed and threw myself at him for another hug when he started laying on the praise. And then I came home and pretty much ran around like a chicken with my head cut off I was so amped up and so thrilled and so giddy.

And I'll have to wait for confirmation tomorrow, but it sounds like I got a really awesome internship site, too. I was really hoping for a hospital rather than an outpatient lab, and I got it. Not just a hospital, and not just a hospital where I'd be drawing off of inpatients as well as outpatients, but a hospital, where I'll be drawing from inpatients as well as outpatients, including the ER. "You've got the chops for it," Steve said. "You'll do great."

FUCKING SQUEE, MAN. Today has been an awesome day. I want to run around town and high-five everyone I see.

(Appropriate icon is a appropriate. I feel like a BIG DAMN NEEDLE-WIELDING HERO today.)


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