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So I have kind of been complete crap about updating LJ with new fics that I post. COMPLETE. CRAP. Sorry to anyone who watches for updates here rather than at the AO3!

This is a catchup post. There's a lot of fics beneath the cuts here.

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Title: Incentive
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: M
Word Count: 733
Summary: Stiles's research isn't going fast enough for Derek's liking. Derek comes up with a...unique...way of motivating him.
Author's Note: Written for Week 2 of Mating Games, "Texts From Last Night", based on this text.

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Title: Animal Urges
Pairing: Scott/Stiles
Rating: M
Word Count: 711
Summary: Scott keeps breaking Stiles's PS3 controllers, and Stiles has to put his foot down: no more Call of Duty. But now what else are they supposed to do together?
Author's Note: Written for Week 1 of Mating Games: First/Last Times

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Title: To the Beat of a Heart
Pairing: Erica/Laura
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1650
Summary: Erica was taught well. That's why she has the fake ID, tucked carefully away behind her library card. Because she'd rather think that someday she'll find herself digging it out of there and handing it to a bouncer and knowing the secret thrill of getting away with something forbidden, than admit to herself that she'd probably never dare.

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Title: Beneath the Midnight Moon
Pairing: Allison/Lydia
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 29,227
Summary: The first day Lydia missed school, Allison figured she was allowed a pass, all things considered. She sent her a text, teasing her about playing hookie, but wasn't concerned when she didn't receive a response. Lydia wasn't always the most reliable about returning messages. When she didn't show up Tuesday morning, Allison called her, but only got her voicemail.

When Lydia missed her big calculus exam on Wednesday, Allison knew something was wrong.
Author's Note: Written for my "soul bonding/soulmates" Trope Bingo square, and my suuuuuper belated second fic for Femslash February

Read it over on AO3
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Holy cow. I'm 3k into this fic, writing along in the middle of a Quest To Identify This Strain of Wolfsbane caper, and bam! Suddenly 200 words of feels about Allison losing her mother dump onto the page. Where did that come from? I mean, I'll take it and gladly, but jeez. That was surprising.
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Title: From the Ground Up
Author: [ profile] samyazaz
Pairing: Erica/Lydia
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,043
Summary: "I'm sorry," Lydia said, and in those two words, somehow managed to make it sound as though Erica were the one who should be begging for forgiveness. "You want me to do what?"
Author's Note: Written for my Trope Bingo "virginfic" square

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Title: Rules of the Game
Author: [ profile] samyazaz
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Teen? IDK. There's just kissing
Word Count: 1,063
Summary: It's Lydia who suggests it, waggling the bottle between two fingertips and giving them all an arch look that says I dare you, so of course Stiles is the first to agree, because he's never met a suggestion from Lydia Martin that he could refuse.
Author's Note: Written for my Trope Bingo free square, using the trope "party games"

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